Da Lat Vietnamese Restaurant

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DaLat in Vietnam is known for its lush green Utopia-like scenery. DaLat in Las Vegas is synonymous with mom's home cooking, which is known to trigger euphoric Utopian feelings of its own. At DaLat, ...the part of mom is played by Ha Tran, mother of 5 and restauranteur. Ha opened DaLat in the summer of 2001. Customers soon flocked in from the sizzling sidewalk to try her creations. 10 years later, DaLat's burners are still fired up (on high), grilling, sauteing, and stir-frying perfection for the Mile High City. Ha gets her hands on every meal before it hits the table at DaLat. Made with love and fresh ingredients, DaLat treats the taste-buds. With all Ha's experience in the restaurant industry, 27 years to be exact, the food flies out of the kitchen and the service is uncannily friendly. Sit back and enjoy a Vietnamese coffee or 33 Export, while DaLat leads you through the traditional dishes of Vietnam.
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4553 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas NV, 89103
(702) 871-5285